About Us


The dreamer is a platform for rapid fundraising. The basis comes from a 2x2 matrix mechanism. Participants in the matrix funded the sponsor's fundraising plan on a voluntary basis, and the system will combine two fundraising matrices to jointly initiate fundraising for participants.


The dreamer uses peer-to-peer financial support to achieve security and effectiveness, that is, without a middleman, the full amount of the donation is directly transferred to the fundraiser's bank account through the donor's bank account. The Dreamer provides users with a fundraising record and confirmation mechanism, so you can keep track of your progress and strengthen your security design to protect your project.


The purpose of the dreamer's existence is to help charities, entrepreneurs, personal ideals, etc., to raise funds for legitimate purposes. The founding team believes this is the most effective way to realize your dreams in the contemporary era. If you need it, you are welcome to join in the case of mutual assistance.