Terms of Service

Welcome to Dreamercf.com (hereinafter referred to as "this website"), all services related to this website are provided in accordance with these terms.

Any user who uses the services of this website, please read the terms and dreamer's privacy policy, or other relevant terms and conditions announced by the website in the future, and please comply with the above provisions and the laws of the Republic of China, if you are not sure If you comply with the terms of this article or disagree with all or part of the terms of this article, please do not use this website service. If you have any questions about this clause, you can contact the Dreamer's customer service department for answers.

If you are under the age of 20, you must ask your parent or guardian to read these terms and obtain the consent of your parent or guardian before applying for membership, before you can apply for, register and use the membership services provided on this website. You must use the services of this website before you reach the age of 20, you must guarantee to the company that you have obtained the consent of your parent or guardian. By completing the application and continuing to use the services provided on this website, your parent or guardian has read, understood and agreed to these terms.


1. Accept the terms

The services provided by the Dreamer include the Dreamer website and any other features, content or applications related to the Dreamer's website (collectively referred to as "Dream Service"). Whether you are a "visitor" (indicating that you are only browsing the website of a dreamer) or a "member" (indicating that you are registered with a dreamer), using the Dreamer Service means that you agree to the Terms of Use ("Terms" "). The term “user” refers broadly to visitors and members.

If you want to be a Dreamer member and communicate with other members (including members connected through the Dreamer service and members of the Dreamer community) and use the Dreamer service, please be sure to read these terms in detail. The provisions of this article include the acceptance of the Dreamer service and the posting of content on the Dreamer's website, the rights you have in using the Dreamer Service, the obligations and limitations of using the Dreamer's services, and the privacy of the Dreamer.


2. Modification of terms

The Dreamer reserves the right to modify any of the terms of the text of this clause at any time. Once the Dreamer has modified the Terms, the Dreamer will issue a notice in the form of an announcement. Any changes will take effect from the time of publication. If you continue to use all of the services provided by your Dreamer after the release of the changes, you agree to abide by such modifications to these Terms. Therefore, please be sure to check these terms regularly to ensure that you are aware of all the latest changes to these Terms. If you disagree with the Dreamer's changes to the Terms, please leave the Dreamer website and immediately stop using the Dreamer service. At the same time, you should contact customer service to help delete your profile and cancel your membership.


3. Abide by the law

When using a dreamer service, you must comply with the laws of the Republic of China. You are entitled to use the Dreamer Service (whether or not you are a visitor or decide to use the Service) only if you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and these Terms. Please read these terms carefully and keep them in a safe place.


4. User account, password and security

Visitors or members can browse the content of the dreamer, but before using the dreamer's service, the user must register and become a member. This website is only available to users as members through the registration method on the Dreamer website. In the process of becoming a member, users should provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information, including setting a set of referrer codes, user accounts and passwords. And constantly update the registration information, in line with timely, detailed and accurate requirements. All original typed materials will be cited as registration materials. In the event of a registration that is incomplete or untrue, this is considered a violation of the Terms of Use and the Dreamer has the right to terminate your service. The Dreamer is not responsible for any problems caused by untrue registration information and the consequences of the problem.

When applying for an account, users should not use an account that mimics the name of others or any violation of their rights. In addition, using offensive words or any racist text as the account name, the dreamer has the right to terminate the service of this account.

Users should not transfer or lend their account number or password to others. If the user finds that their account has been illegally used by others, they should immediately notify the dreamer. The Dreamer website does not assume any responsibility for the illegal use of the account and password by the hacking behavior or the negligence of the user.


5. Privacy policy

The registration information you provide and certain other information retained by you by the Dreamer will be governed by the laws of the Republic of China on privacy and the Company's Privacy Policy.


6. Terms of use and treaties

Subject to the terms of use, users must comply with all the terms of the Terms of Use when using all services of the Dreamer. Any text, documents, videos, photos (including your own photos), pictures, sounds, musical works, creative works or any other content that are uploaded, posted, emailed or otherwise transmitted via the Dreamer Service (hereinafter referred to as " Content"), whether for public delivery or private delivery, is the responsibility of the content provider. The content that the Dreamer cannot transmit through the Service does not guarantee the correctness, completeness or quality of the Content. When using the Service, you may be exposed to unpleasant, inappropriate or objectionable content. In no event shall Dreamer be held responsible for any content, including but not limited to any errors or omissions in any Content, and any loss or damage arising from the posting, sending of e-mail or otherwise by the Service. However, the Dreamer has the right to stop transmitting any of the foregoing and act accordingly, including but not limited to suspending the user from using all or part of the Service, keeping records, and even taking legal action.

When using the Dreamer service, users must abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China. Users should agree not to use the service for any illegal or improper activities, upload, display, share, transmit or otherwise transmit Any of the following (including but not limited to the following behaviors):

Violation of any individual or organization's patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, distribution rights and other rights, and in violation of the laws of the Republic of China or existing contract specifications. Any errors, misleading, false and incorrect information. Any violation of the privacy of others (including third parties). Unapproved ads, promotions, spam, and ad links (including Facebook sharing, etc.). A virus containing software, or any computer that can interfere with injury or limit interference with any use of software hardware or communication equipment, or steal system password data or any associated file code or software. Imitate information about any company or individual (including corporate employees and third parties).

In addition, users (including visitors and members) may not engage in the following activities for any unlawful use of the Dreamer Service:

Without permission, enter the Dreamer website system (including the background host and any equipment that provides the Dreamer service, hereinafter referred to as the "Dream Home Website System") or use the Dreamer computer system; delete the Dreamer website system without permission, Modify or add; delete, modify, or add data and applications stored, processed, or transmitted into the Dreamer's website system without permission; intentionally create or distribute destructive programs such as computer viruses and other systems that endanger the dreamer's website system. the behavior of.

If the user violates any of the above provisions when using the website service, the dreamer or his authorized person has the right to request the user to correct or directly take all necessary measures (including but not limited to changing or deleting the content posted by the user, suspending or terminating the user's use. The right to network services) to mitigate and eliminate the impact of user misconduct. Users may not copy, copy, sell, resell, or use for any other commercial purpose of any part of the Service or the use or acquisition of the Service.

Users are responsible for their own actions in the use of the Dreamer Service. The form of legal liability of the user includes, but is not limited to, compensation for the victim, and compensation to the Dreamer website equal amount after the Dreamer website first assumes the responsibility for administrative punishment or tort damage caused by the user's behavior.


7. Sponsorship and business conduct regulations

The dreamer is a platform for gathering people and sponsoring demand. The dreamer allows some users (proposers) to propose and seek sponsorship from a third party (sponsor). The Golden Stream service co-operator used by the dreamer is Green Circle Technology ECPAY. By accessing the third party service through this website, you agree to accept the new terms and conditions of the third party. The dreamer will not be responsible for the dispute between you and the third party.

The Dreamer will not make any guarantees for any individuals or groups that are exposed to the service. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: delivery of goods and other services, any relevant treaty provisions unrelated to the dreamer, and warranties and warranties. The Dreamer will not be responsible for monitoring the progress and performance of the project, nor will it be responsible for the monetary loss and any possible loss of rights caused by the failure of the project. All sponsorships and transactions are acts between fundraiser sponsors and sponsors. Dreamers are not and are not obligated to make any form of disputes between any sponsors and funders, as well as disputes between any member of the site and third parties. Responsible. In the dispute, the supervisors of any dreamer and related personnel are not related to any form of claim and damages.

Since the dreamer cannot fully control the behavior of the fundraiser, the fundraiser will be fully responsible for the project and all the content provided. The dreamer can save the project right at any time, and the sponsor's amount will be coordinated by the fundraiser and the sponsor.

The Dreamer is not responsible or guaranteed for the effectiveness and service quality of the services provided by Green World Technology. Sometimes Green Circle Technology will have a credit card payment problem, and the Dreamer cannot guarantee that your payment will arrive in full. The sponsor may decide to refund the money at his or her discretion, and the Dreamer is not responsible for the refund of the sponsor, including any formalities and procedures.

The dreamer has the right to cancel, modify, and interfere with the project at any time. The Dreamer has the right to unconditionally cancel or refund the membership and third party sponsorship at any time.


 8. Charges and fees

Joining a dreamer is subject to a $29 system service fee per half year, and some services charge a fee. When you use the service, you will know the proportion of the fee charged. The dreamer reserves the right to change the system service fee and the fee ratio. When the fee changes, we will announce it on the website. The dreamer also reserves the right to change the proportion of fees due to special events or promotions. If there is a change in fees, it will also be seen on the announcement and on the project page.

The user has the obligation to pay for the use of the Dreamer-related services (including the relevant processing fees), and all the cost dreamers are not refundable. If a project violates the regulations and is cancelled, the fees already charged will not be refunded unless the dreamer determines that the project has a refund.


 9. Third party link

This service or third party may provide links to other websites or resources on the web. Since the Dreamer has no control over these websites and resources, users need to understand and agree that such websites or resources are available for use, and the Dreamer is not responsible; accessing or externally accessing any content or advertisements of such websites or resources. The dreamer is not guaranteed or responsible for any products or other materials. The Dreamer is not liable for any direct or indirect liability for any damage or loss arising from the use or reliance on any such website or resource, or any content, goods or services obtained through such websites or resources.


10. Content and other legitimate rights (including but not limited to reputation and goodwill)

The Dreamer will not post text, documents, images, photos (including your own photos), videos, sounds, musical compositions, creative works or any other material that you post to the Dreamer Service (collectively, "Content" ) Have any intellectual property rights. As you post content to the Dreamer Service, you will continue to hold rights to such content and have the right to use the content in the manner you choose.

The Dreamer service includes content provided by the Dreamer, including the content of members and other Dreamer Licensors (hereinafter referred to as "the content of the Dreamer"). The content of the dreamer is protected by the Copyright Law of the Republic of China, the Trademark Law of the Republic of China, the Patent Law of the Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations. The dreamer owns and maintains all rights to the content of the dreamer and the service of the dreamer.


 11. Termination of service

The User agrees that the Dreamer may be based on his own considerations and for any reason, including but not limited to lack of use, or that the Dreamer believes that the User has violated the Terms of Service and may terminate the use of the password, account number or the Service (or any part of the Service) ) and remove and remove any content within the Service.

The Dreamer may also terminate the Service or any part thereof at any time, with or without notice, based on its own consideration. The User agrees to provide the Service in accordance with any provision of these Terms of Service, which may be interrupted or terminated without prior notice. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Dreamer may immediately close or delete your account and all relevant information and files in your account, and/or prohibit the continued use of the aforementioned documents or the Service. In addition, the User agrees that if the use of the Service is interrupted or the User Account is terminated and the related information and documents are closed or deleted, the Dreamer shall not be liable to the User or any third party.


12. Compensation

User's offer, posting or transmission of content through the Service, connection to the Service, violation of this Service Convention, or infringement of any of the rights of others, resulting in or resulting in any claim or request from any third party, including reasonable attorneys' fees, It is necessary to agree to indemnify and protect the Dreamer and its subsidiaries, related companies, officers, agents, brand owners or other partners and employees from damage.


13. General measures for use and storage

Regarding the use of the Service, the Dreamer has the right to make general measures and restrictions (including but not limited to): The Service will retain the maximum duration of the email message, posted content or other uploaded content, and the message can be sent and received in one account of the Service. The maximum number, the size of a single message that can be sent and received in one account of the service, the maximum disk space allocated by the Dreamer server, and the maximum number of times you use the service (and the upper limit of each usage time). Any information, communication materials and other content stored or transmitted through the Service, if deleted or not stored. The user agrees that the dreamer is not responsible for any responsibility. The user also agrees that the dreamer has the right to close the account that has not been used for more than one year. The User also agrees that the Dreamer has the right to change these general measures and restrictions at any time, regardless of the notification, at his or her own discretion.


14. Service modification

The Dreamer reserves the right to modify or terminate the Service (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time, whether by notice or not. You agree to the content you posted to your dreamer. Please feel free to back up your data in case the data is lost. The Dreamer is not responsible for any loss of content and related losses. You agree that the Dreamer will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or termination of the Service.


15. Transactions with advertisers

The User conducts any form of communication or business dealings with the Advertiser through the Service, or participates in promotional activities, including payment and delivery of the relevant goods or services, and any other relevant terms, conditions, warranties or representations reached, solely for the User and the Advertising. Behavior between businesses. Unless the relevant laws and regulations expressly require the Dreamer to assume responsibility, the Dreamer shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature suffered by the User due to any of the foregoing transactions or the aforementioned advertisers.


16. Prohibition of business conduct

The User agrees not to copy, copy, sell, resell or use it for any other commercial purpose for the use or acquisition of any part of the Service or the Service.


17. Exclusive rights of the dreamer

The User understands and agrees that the Service and the related software used by the Service ("Software") contain special confidential information protected by relevant intellectual property rights and other laws. In addition, users are also required to understand and agree that the content of sponsored advertisements or information presented through the Service or the Advertiser is also protected by copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary rights. You may not modify, rent, lend, sell, distribute any part or all of the Service or the Software, or create derivative works, or use unauthorized modifications, including but not without the express authorization of the Dreamer or the Advertiser. Limited to the purpose of using the Service for unauthorized purposes. The Dreamer only grants the user personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the software on a stand-alone computer, but the user may not (and must not allow any third person) to copy, modify, create derivative works, perform restoration projects, The right to decode, or otherwise discover the original code, or sell, transfer, sublicense or provide a software set warranty, or otherwise transfer. The User agrees to use the Service through the interface provided by the Dreamer and not through any other means.


18. Guarantee and guarantee that you clearly understand and agree to the book

Nothing in these Terms of Service will relieve the Dreamer of any liability for damage to your property caused by personal injury or due to intentional or gross negligence.

  • The risk of users using the Service is borne by the individual. This service is provided on a “as is” and “as available” basis. The Dreamer does not provide any warranty or guarantee, express or implied, with respect to the Service, including but not limited to warranties or warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of the rights of others.
  • The dreamer does not guarantee the following:
  • This service will meet your requirements.
  • The Service will be uninterrupted, provided in a timely manner, safe or reliable, or error free.
  • The results obtained using this service are correct and reliable,
  • Any products, services, information or other information you purchase or obtain through the Service will meet your expectations and any errors in the Software will be corrected.
  • Whether or not to use the Service to download or obtain any information should be considered by the user at his own risk and the user will be responsible for any damage or data loss caused by the download of any data.
  • Any advice or information obtained by the User from the Dreamer or through the Service, whether in writing or orally, will not constitute any warranty other than these Terms of Service, except as expressly provided in these Terms of Service.

19. Limitation of Liability

You expressly understand and agree that the Dreamer does not assume any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive liability for any reason, including but not limited to profit, reputation, application, data loss or other intangible loss. (Even if the dreamer has been informed in advance of the possibility of such compensation):

• The use of this service or the inability to use

• Cost incurred for the replacement or acquisition of any goods, data, information, services, messages received, or completed transactions through the Service

• Unauthorized access or alteration of your transmission or data

• Any statement or conduct by a third party in the Service

Other matters related to the Service, except as expressly provided in these Terms of Service.


20. General clause

These Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between the User and the Dreamer and govern your use of the Service and supersede all previous agreements with your Dreamer. When you use the Services, use content or software provided by third parties, you should also comply with the applicable additional terms and conditions.

These Terms of Service and your relationship with the Dreamer are governed by the laws of the Republic of China.

The dispute between you and your dreamer regarding this service, this service convention or other related matters shall be finalized by the Taipei District Court and shall be binding on both parties.

The failure of the Dreamer to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms of Service does not constitute a waiver of the foregoing rights or rights.

In the event that any provision of these Terms of Service is inconsistent with the laws of the Republic of China, the User shall, in accordance with the law, agree to comply with the law and strive to make the parties' intentions reflected in the provision effective, and the other provisions of these Terms of Service shall remain in full force and effect. effect.

The title of these Terms of Service is for convenience only and does not have any legal or contractual effect.


21. Report

If you find any violation of these Terms of Service, please inform your dreamer.