• 1 Is it safe to donate money to a dreamer?

    Donations are peer-to-peer, meaning that your bank account is directly transferred to the fundraiser's account, so the Dreamer platform is completely out of contact with funds.
  • 2 How do I know that the fundraiser has actually received the money?

    The Dreamer platform will ask the fundraiser to complete the account confirmation within 48 hours after you send the donation information to the fundraiser. If no confirmation is made for more than 48 hours, the system will automatically determine that your donation has been received.
  • 3 How do I know how fundraisers use funds?

    The number of each donation information will show the background, purpose of use and other information of the fundraising after clicking. You can easily find this information.
  • 4 Will the partner I entered into the dreamer be donated to me?

    In the Dreamer platform, your partner will be able to donate to you as long as your fundraising plan is working properly, but if your plan is frozen, your partner will not be able to donate it to you.
  • 5 Under what circumstances will the scheme be frozen?

    Your plan is frozen in the following situations:
    1. Your system service fee is not paid
    2. You have not completed the donation (the peer-to-peer transfer has not been confirmed, and the dream points are not enough)
    3. Your fundraising team has no newcomers to join
  • 6 What is the dream point?

    The Dreamer platform provides users of virtual currency with a service that converts USDT to platform-specific points, which is easy to donate and simplify the confirmation process.
  • 7 How to apply for the amount of funds raised?

    In the peer-to-peer mode, the amount is directly entered into the bank account set by the user, and no application is required. The number of dream points you have raised can be converted back to USDT to your virtual currency wallet by applying.
  • 8 If the rewards program of the fundraising plan is If the rewards program of the fundraising plan is not completed, how can I get back my funds?

    The Dreamer only provides a platform for anyone who needs to raise funds, and transparently communicates all contact methods, and does not participate in the implementation details of any fundraising plan. If the donor has any doubts about the plan, he or she can contact the fundraiser.
  • 9 Can I choose the plan I want to donate?

    The Dreamer platform is an innovative fundraising model. Under the premise of optimizing the success rate of fundraising schemes (the disadvantage of traditional fundraising is that some projects are funded and some are not fully funded), the presentation of the donation scheme is arranged by the system. , and prioritize the fundraising plan of the introducer, so users can not choose their own options.